Canada Vacation 2017

We spent 16 days in Canada during the month of June, just me and Josiah. I’m so grateful I even have the opportunity to take that much time off.

I’m pretty sure Josiah grew up a few years in those 16 days. My boy went from being petrified to jump into a pool even with a floatie on, to fearlessly jumping off the diving board and swimming the entire length of the pool without one. He’s never been a kid to be forced to learn something new – it has always had to be on his terms and in his time. So it was with learning to swim. He was ready, and he picked it up in a matter of days.

His cousin Jordyn also taught him to swing by himself (and all the angels in Heaven and parents across the globe sang hallelujah).

Anyway, I took a bunch of pictures because inspiration was everywhere. It’s so difficult to come back to hot, flat, red dirt Oklahoma after being in such a beautiful place. I’ve grappled with God to keep my heart content and inspired here (and really, He’s answered in such a huge, huge way and I’m working on a new personal project that I’m anxious to dive deep into). That’ll be a post for another day. Here’s Canada:

bedtimecarcanoehorseback riding-1horseback riding-2horseback riding-3horseback riding-4horseback riding-5horseback riding-6horseback riding-7horseback riding-8horseback riding-9horseback riding-10horseback riding-11horseback riding-12horseback riding-13horseback riding-14horseback riding-15horseback riding-16horseback riding-17horseback riding-18horseback riding-19horseback riding-20horseback riding-21horseback riding-22horseback riding-23horseback riding-24horseback riding-25horseback riding-26horseback riding-27horseback riding-28SDP_5232SDP_5249SDP_5257SDP_5262SDP_5268SDP_5270vacation17-1vacation17-2vacation17-3vacation17-4vacation17-5vacation17-6vacation17-7vacation17-8vacation17-9vacation17-10vacation17-11vacation17-12watersilhouette


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