Free Time & Exploring Grain/Dairy Free Diet

Last week we spent a lot of time doing a whole bunch of nothing. The past 16 weeks were so training intense that evenings were spent going straight to the gym, come home and eat dinner, get Josiah bathed and ready for bed. A week off was much needed for us. Josiah loves exploring, and I hadn’t taken pictures for my own enjoyment in a long time, so the Martin Nature Park was perfect.

I feel refreshed and ready to tackle some new goals this week! Last week I lightly touched the surface of eating dairy and grain free (too many carbs whilst marathon training has left me hating bread). I never realized how much dairy is in EVERYTHING. I think being grain free is going to be so much easier than dairy. I’m not adhering to it super strictly, (Sundays are for sushi, and that’s not changing!) and I love my quest bars, but I even switched to coconut yogurt instead of my beloved greek. Someone hold me! I’ve struggled to lose the last bit of belly fat, and marathon training basically did nothing (I didn’t lose a single pound y’all, not one!), so something’s gotta give. We’ll see how this goes, and I’ll probably keep my progress updated on instagram. Anyway, here’s some photos from our exploring last week.


Tried something I don’t usually do. Slowed down the shutter speed to try and capture the movement of the water


What a lucky moment to be in this spot!
I tried chasing the deer


“That’s all momma”

3 thoughts on “Free Time & Exploring Grain/Dairy Free Diet

    1. I just NOW got an email about your comment! I would have replied WAY sooner. Thank you for the compliment – I do love photography. I think it would be somewhat easier, or at least more motivating, to be on a grain free diet due to allergies. It’s so easy to be like well, it’s not gonna hurt me I’ll just eat the cake 😉

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      1. Haha I hate when wordpress does that! 🙂 No worries! I totally understand that. I’m supposed to be going low sugar but can’t seem to actually commit to it yet. 😉


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