Canada Vacation 2017

We spent 16 days in Canada during the month of June, just me and Josiah. I’m so grateful I even have the opportunity to take that much time off. I’m pretty sure Josiah grew up a few years in those 16 days. My boy went from being petrified to jump into a pool even with … More Canada Vacation 2017


The Garden

This past weekend I had the privilege of joining several other women on a retreat. There wasn’t an agenda – simply an invitation to come soak in the sweet presence of Jesus. To be honest, I felt like I shouldn’t have been asked to come. My life isn’t all that busy – it’s not like … More The Garden

The Confusing In-Between : Where my Heart is at this Mother’s Day

I remember being there on that hospital bed in Lewisville, Texas and giving one final push (after two hours of pushing, mind you). The relief was instant. The pressure, the weight, gone. Finally. I immediately thought to myself – thank God I’m not pregnant anymore! No, not “I want to hold my precious sweet baby!” Just, thank … More The Confusing In-Between : Where my Heart is at this Mother’s Day

A Day In the Life – Training for a 70.3

Occasionally, like last night and this morning, I had to pause my workout to fix a client contract. And I had to take a phone call and plan a meeting with a bride. Editing gets done in between workouts and on Sundays. I’m still intentional about business friendships, and small group gatherings with our church are not going to be neglected for training. Yeah, I’m pretty busy, but we make time for what’s important. Time shouldn’t be an excuse for not going after big goals. Make it a priority, and life seems to fall in line. … More A Day In the Life – Training for a 70.3

The New Normal

It’s been 4 weeks now since I miscarried our baby. The overwhelming, desperate ache has subsided, and only creeps in unexpectedly every once in a while. It’s nearly impossible right now to see friends who have due dates around the same time ours was, but I’ll be filled with joy for them, in time. Two … More The New Normal

Saying Goodbye

It’s 4 am and my pillow is stained with tears. I can’t stand laying there in anguish any longer. Sleep isn’t happening and I thought I’d have a bowl of cereal, but I can’t call it pregnancy insomnia or pregnancy cravings anymore. I learned yesterday that our baby no longer had a heartbeat. As I … More Saying Goodbye

Colorado Vacation

Colorado was everything I’d hoped it would be. I can’t even tell you how long I’ve ached for the mountains. Thanks to Southwest’s $49 airfare sale and 2 incredible friends, this was the best 4 day getaway…ever. We went to the Honor Academy with Ricky and Elizabeth (Ricky was a groomsman in our wedding too!), … More Colorado Vacation